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The Overview: Which Way Up: Space Olympics

Author: GameTikker

Release Date: Q1 2025
Genre: Sports / Multiplayer
Developed by: Turtle Flip Studio
Published by: Turtle Flip Studio

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Turtle Flip Studio

Which Way Up: Space Olympics is Turtle Flip's first title and we hope that this is the first game of many! Space Olympics is a competitive party game and we are excited to move straight onto a follow up title that will be a co-operative party game.

We will leverage a lot of the same assets and gravity engine we have developed so the development process is much more efficient.

As a studio we value games that are social, accessible and products of the team's passions. We know that good quality games and experiences are best created by developers who make the games they want to play. We as a studio will value creating games that we and people will love rather than making the most money possible.

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Which Way Up: Space Olympics

Compete in acrobatic gravity events at the Space Olympics! Experience the flow of low-gravity platforming in this multiplayer variation of Mario Galaxy!

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Perform graceful gravity gymnastics, sprint away from the relentless pull of a black hole and launch your competitors into space as you battle through round after round in this gravity-defying party game! Keep playing to unlock new events! Cherry-pick your favourites for a winning edge.

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Which Way Up gives you a unique freedom of movement not frequently felt in platformers. Experience running on walls and ceilings, orbiting around planets, or falling across an entire level by manoeuvring through gravity fields.

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The varying designs of the levels & game modes can make you feel like you are enclosed in a small room or that you might float away into the emptiness of space. Each game mode has different objectives, creating many opportunities for chaos, sabotage and mischief.

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For more information and updates visit the official Homepage of Turtle Flip Studio and keep up to date with the development of the Game.

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