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The Overview: Unleaving

Author: GameTikker

Release Date: 27 Mar, 2024
Genre: Narrative Adventure
Developed by: orangutan matter
Published by: orangutan matter

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Orangutan matter

Orangutan matter is a Toronto-based indie game studio bringing together a diverse team passionate about art and innovation.

Their vision sees video games as a medium to explore and express the depths of human emotions and vulnerabilities. Their creative process prioritizes organic narrative development, leveraging a variety of perspectives to guide the process rather than controlling it.

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Unleaving is a puzzle-platformer that weaves grounded physics and skill-based challenges into an metaphoric abstract narrative about some of life’s deeper meanings.

This multimedia art world blurs the line between virtual and physical, with brushstrokes and textures that draw players into a contemplative exploration of the game's themes.

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The use of real-life art to create landscapes further grounds players in the world, encouraging appreciation of both virtual and real beauty.

The aesthetics of the game combine different traditional styles and mediums, mainly hand painting in impressionist style, pencil illustration and animation movement throughout the game. Every frame is a literal painting.

Unleaving Screenshot

The distinct visual style was brought to life with painting-animation techniques involving altering acrylic painting on canvas paper while capturing frames during the painting process.

This results in many backgrounds in the game coming alive, breathing subtle changes as the player continues through the story.

Unleaving Screenshot

For more information and updates visit the official Homepage of orangutan matter and keep up to date with the development of the Game.

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