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Homeworld 3
launches on May 13


Fleet Command online! Advance Access has begun for players with Fleet Command Editions (included in the physical Collector’s Editions) and Fig Backer Editions of Homeworld 3.

Homeworld 3 will officially launch on May 13 for all players. Upgrade your game edition by purchasing the Fleet Command Upgrade to start playing now.

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Warframe Image Warframe Returns Gara and Titania Prime Through Latest Prime Resurgence  [...]

[ Source: TheGameNomad ]

Nintendo Logo Image Nintendo Confirms Switch 2 In The Most Nintendo Way Possible  [...]

[ Source: SlashGear ]

The Last of Us Image The Last of Us Part II Remastered - Review  [...]

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TL;DR Gaming News Today

Paper Trail - Fold the world in this cozy puzzle game. Out May 21st! Wishlist Paper Trail now on Steam!

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Activision Blizzard Logo Image Activision Opens New Studio to Make Something Other Than Call of Duty  [...]

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Guardian News

Destiny Image

There is a new heavy Trace Rifle called Microcosm coming in The Final Shape.

In The Final Shape Weapon Enhancement will be easier and the whole Weapon-Enhancement-System will include more Weapons.

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PlayStation Plus Banner Image PlayStation Plus Game Catalog Update for May 2024 Announced  [...]

[ Source: ThisGenGaming ]

The Division Image The Division Heartland cancelled by Ubisoft  [...]

[ Source: tsa ]

Gaming Gossip

Gaming Gossip Image

Apparently Square Enix ended the Sony PlayStation exclusivity deal due to Final Fantasy 16 and Final Fantasy 7 Ribirth not meeting sales expectations.

Square Enix is planning to make their main titles available on as many platforms as possible including Nintendo, Microsoft and PC.

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Warframe Image Warframe - Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 6  [...]

[ Source: Warframe ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Rogue Duck Interactive - We are making a dice & card-based dungeon crawler roguelike called Dice & Fold! Play the DEMO & Wishlist on Steam!

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EA Sports College Football 25 Banner Image EA Sports College Football 25 Reveal Arrives on May 16  [...]

[ Source: Operation Sports ]

Botany Manor Banner Image Botany Manor - Review  [...]

[ Source: Player2 ]

Take Two Logo Image Take-Two Reportedly Shutting Down OlliOlli And Kerbal Space Program 2 Devs  [...]

[ Source: Nintendo Life ]

Type Your Fate

Type Your Fate Screenshot Image

Type your Fate. Arm yourself with your keyboard and your wits, and try to escape from the abandoned house where you are. Unfortunately, you won't be alone...

Type Your Fate is an 'old school' style text-based interactive fiction game in which you will have to do everything using a command console, from moving to interacting with the things around you (just like the mythic 1980s Infocom's Zork games but with illustrations and sound).

Visit the official Steampage  [...]

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PlayStation Console Image New PlayStation 5 Pro leak shows powerful specs  [...]

[ Source: KnowTechie ]

Assassin's Creed Image Assassin's Cred Shadows gets a new trailer and a release date for November 15  [...]

[ Source: Instant Gaming ]

Horror Game House Image Use Microphone to Connect with the Supernatural in this Indie Horror  [...]

[ Source: 80 Level ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

SD Games - Coming to an online store near you this Summer, Eternal Damnation is available to Wishlist on Steam and Epic Stores Now!

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Nier Automata Image NieR team is working on a new game  [...]

[ Source: GGRecon ]

Guardian News

Destiny Image

The "Making the Rounds" Triumph can not be competed until the last week of the Season of the Wish.

The upcoming Trials of Osiris will feature all of the new PVP-Maps.

In The Final Shape Expansion Bungie will introduce the Ritual Pathfinder, a new reward path for Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit.

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Diablo Image Diablo 4 Season 4 Release Time  [...]

[ Source: Den of Geek ]

Biomutant Image Wung-Fu Fable RPG Biomutant is OUT NOW on Nintendo Switch  [...]

[ Source: THQ Nordic ]

Gaming Gossip

Gaming Gossip Image

Electronic Arts is planning to put Advertisements in their full price AAA Games (again).

This is not the first time EA tries to insert Ads in full price Games, they already pushed Ads in their UFC Series.

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Legend of Legacy Banner Image Legend of Legacy HD Remaster - Review (PS5)  [...]

[ Source: GameHype ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Forever Entertainment - FRONT MISSION 2: Remake is now available on Steam! Join the battlefield and experience the cult classic tactical RPG with an engaging storyline, improved loading speed, and renewed graphics.

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Call of Duty Image Treyarch might already be teasing that the next CoD is Black Ops 6  [...]

[ Source: Dot Esports ]

Xbox Logo Image Xbox Game Studios has lost the trust of players and media  [...]

[ Source: App Trigger ]

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Banner Image Delta Force: Hawk Ops - Black Hawk Down Campaign Official Unreal Engine 5 Teaser  [...]

[ Source: Cram-Gaming ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

[ Source: PlayStation ]

Braid Banner Image Braid Anniversary Edition is out now, rewinding time approximately 15 years  [...]

[ Source: Rock Paper Shotgun ]

Star Wars Image The 10 Best Star Wars Games Ever Made  [...]

[ Source: Fortress of Solitude ]

Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution Banner Image Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution - Review  [...]

[ Source: Nook Gaming ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Stray Fawn Studio - Build your sky city and defeat enemy pirates while exploring a vast landscape in this Open World RPG City Builder, Airborne Empire! Wishlist now on Steam!

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One-inch Tactics Banner Image One-inch Tactics announced by Kogado Studio  [...]

[ Source: Frontline Gaming Japan ]

Guardian News

Destiny Image

Take a nostalgic trip back in time and return to your first days in the Cosmodrome.

With a shot that ricochets every 7th round, the Khvostov 7G-0X returns as a new exotic weapon with The Final Shape.

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Red Dead Redemption Image New Datamine Suggests Red Dead Redemption Coming To PC  [...]

[ Source: GameLuster ]

Sword of the Necromancer: Resurrection Banner Image Sword of the Necromancer: Resurrection revealed for Switch  [...]

[ Source: Nintendo Everything ]

Gaming Gossip

Gaming Gossip Image

In over 170 countries preorders for the PC port of Ghost of Tsushima are being canceled by Green Man Gaming, Epic Games and Steam.

Preorders are being refunded because of the PSN account linking requirements for online Gaming, which is a big problem for Gamers around the World.

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Dead by Daylight Image ‘Dead By Daylight’ surprise releases roguelite spin-off and confirms ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ collab  [...]

[ Source: NME ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Today Assassin's Creed Shadows Official World Premiere goes live! Check it out on the official Ubisoft YouTube channel!

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The Hungry Lamb Banner Image The Hungry Lamb Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty - Review (PC)  [...]

[ Source: Christ Centered Gamer ]

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER Banner Image Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER - Review  [...]

[ Source: Gamers Heroes ]

Infection Free Zone Banner Image Infection Free Zone Early Access - Review  [...]

[ Source: Nerdy Bird Games ]

Nightdive Studios Banner Image The 10 Best Nightdive Studios Games  [...]

[ Source: Cheat Code Central ]

Cyber Citizen Shockman 3 Banner Image Cyber Citizen Shockman 3 - Review  [...]

[ Source: Gamerhub ]

Stumble Guys Banner Image Stumble Guys Debuts On PS4 And PS5 Today, Cross-Progression Update Now Live  [...]

[ Source: GameSpot ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Hilltop Games - This is week is a PERFECT opportunity to grab Lil Guardsman for a song! Ludo Narra Con is wrapping up, but you'll be able to get Lil Guardsman on sale on Steam and Switch until May 22.

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Dead by Daylight Image Dead by Daylight Gets Limited Time 2V8 Mode This Summer  [...]

[ Source: The Escapist ]

Guardian News

Destiny Image

This weekend Trials of Osiris will return to Destiny 2.

The powerlevel on this weeks Pantheon Challange will be -15 and there will be a new encounter.

This weeks Nightfall will reward Guardians with double loot and 2x experience.

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Android Gaming Image Windows translator makes PC games run on Android  [...]

[ Source: Toms Hardware ]

Galacticare Banner Image Galacticare blends together Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper and puts it in space, releasing on 23rd May  [...]

[ Source: GameWatcher ]

Gaming Gossip

Gaming Gossip Image

The beloved multiplayer game Helldivers 2 is still blocked in 180 countries around the world.

After the reversal of the Sony PlayStation Account-Linking requirements this is still a major issue for the PC Gaming Community on Steam.

Arrowhead the Developer of Helldivers 2 is apparently in talks with Sony to resolve this issue.

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Forza Motorsport Image Forza Motorsport Update 8 Brings New Cars and Events  [...]

[ Source: SimRace247 ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

PlayStation - Supermassive Games + Dead By Daylight = a chilling, story-driven horror experience like no other. The Casting of Frank Stone comes to PS5 later this year.

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Assassin’s Creed Image The Next Assassin’s Creed Game is Being Revealed This Week  [...]

[ Source: Game Crater ]

Valheim Image Valheim: Ashlands is out now with a supremely cool animated trailer  [...]

[ Source: GamingOnLinux ]

Shantae Image Shantae - Review  [...]

[ Source: Games Nostalgia ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

[ Source: PlayStation ]

Demon Slayer Image Demon Slayer: Sweep the Board Coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC  [...]

[ Source: Siliconera ]

Lies of P Banner Image Lies of P fans getting some additional content later in 2024  [...]

[ Source: XboxEra ]

Call of Duty Image Call of Duty - Earn In-Game Rewards and Support Vets during the U Assist Veterans Challenge  [...]

[ Source: Call of Duty ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Stray Fawn Studio - A city-building game set in a medieval world. Shape your kingdom according to your vision while managing the needs and wants of your people! Wishlist Earth of Oryn on Steam!

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Marvel Rivals Banner Image Marvel Rivals - Content Creators Asked to Sign Contract That Prohibits Saying Anything Negative to Gain Access to Playtest  [...]

[ Source: MP1st ]

Guardian News

Destiny Image

This weeks Archie Quest will take place on the moon.

The Nightfall Weapon Pool will be increased from 6 to 8 Weapons in The Final Shape.

Bungie is planning to change the Crafting-System after The Final Shape's full launch.

[ GameTikker ]

Final Fantasy 7 Image No more PlayStation exclusives - Square Enix announce aggressive multiplatform shift  [...]

[ Source: AltChar ]

Doom Image A new Doom game could be revealed at the Xbox showcase in June  [...]

[ Source: VGC ]

Gaming Gossip

Gaming Gossip Image

Square Enix is shifting to a multiplatform strategy for the Final Fantasy Series.

The company is planning to release their AAA Game Series on PC, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox.

This is a radical depature from the former exclusivity deal with PlayStation.

[ GameTikker ]

Farm Together Banner Image Farm Together 2 - Review (PC)  [...]

[ Source: Gaming Network ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Devolver Digital - Wizard with a Gun's much-anticipated 'Better Together' update rolls out today! Four-player online co-op! Preset & custom difficulty modes! New secret things... Get the update for FREE and grab Wizard with a Gun at 50% OFF for a limited time on Steam, PS5, and Xbox!

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Stray Gods Banner Image Stray Gods reveals new DLC Stray Gods: Orpheus coming June  [...]

[ Source: Gayming Magazine ]

Prison Architect Image Prison Architect 2 Developer Double Eleven Leaves Franchise  [...]

[ Source: TechRaptor ]

Helldivers Image PlayStation Reverses Decision to Require PSN via HellDivers 2  [...]

[ Source: Cinelinx ]

My Father Lied

My Father Lied Banner Image

The lovecraftian Point & Click Adventure My Father Lied by Lunar Games will be introduced at the Indie Live Expo on the 25th of May.

The Indie Live Expo will also Showcase more than 100 World Premieres.

The event will take place on Saturday, May 25th, 2024.

Visit the official Steampage  [...]

[ GameTikker ]

Phantom Fury Banner Image Phantom Fury - PC Review  [...]

[ Source: thumbculture ]

Wanderer Banner Image Wanderer Remake Takes a Little More Time Reaching its Destination  [...]

[ Source: XR Source ]

Nintendo Switch Image Nintendo Switch 2 manufacturing info provides possible specification leaks - Rumor  [...]

[ Source: My Nintendo News ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Anima Flux - Discover Anima Flux, a thrilling co-op metroidvania game with stunning hand-drawn visuals! Add it to your Steam wishlist now and join the adventure!

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Ghost Of Tsushima Image Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut On PC Has Been Delisted On Steam From 180 Countries  [...]

[ Source: PSU ]

Guardian News

Destiny Image

The exotic mission Zero Hour will return on May 14.

A new exotic ship called "Unforeseen Consequences" was added to the Destiny database.

The Season of the Wish final mission could take place in the Garden of Salvation.

[ GameTikker ]

Path of Achra Banner Image Charming yet brutal turn-based roguelike Path of Achra leaves Early Access  [...]

[ Source: Rogueliker ]

Nintendo Switch Image Nintendo to unveil successor to Switch before April 2025  [...]

[ Source: VideoCardz ]

Gaming Gossip

Gaming Gossip Image

Warner Bros. apparently lost $200 Million Dollar on the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Game.

The Live Service Game was a financially disappointing Release for the publisher Warner Bros. and the developer Rocksteady Studios.

[ GameTikker ]

AFK Journey Banner Image AFK Journey moves to the desert with Song of Strife update  [...]

[ Source: VentureBeat ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Guardians of the Sanctree - Embark on an Epic Adventure! Discover the hidden wonders of the underground and forge a grand birdmen empire in Guardians of the Sanctree! Watch the new trailer and experience the free playtest on Steam now!

[ GameTikker ]

Hades Image Hades 2 Smashes Early Access Release, Achieving 11K Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews  [...]

[ Source: Prima Games ]

Stealth Game Image 10 Best PlayStation 2 Stealth Games  [...]

[ Source: Altar of Gaming ]

Valorant Image Valorant Temporarily Removes Several Skins Due to Exploit  [...]

[ Source: Esports Driven ]

Animal Well Banner Image Animal Well - Review  [...]

[ Source: Metro ]

Anglerfish Banner Image Anglerfish - Review (Nintendo Switch)  [...]

[ Source: Pure Nintendo ]

Hades Image Hades II Makes Its Surprise Early Access Debut  [...]

[ Source: Hardcore Gamer ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Stray Fawn Studio - Build your sky city and defeat enemy pirates while exploring a vast landscape in this Open World RPG City Builder, Airborne Empire! Wishlist now on Steam!

[ GameTikker ]

Lords of the Fallen Image Lords of the Fallen Publisher CI Games Lays Off 30 More People  [...]

[ Source: Insider Gaming ]

Guardian News

Destiny Image

Beyond Light, Shadowkeep and The Witch Queen are now available for all Destiny 2 Players until The Final Shape launches.

The Lightfall Seasons (Season Passes) are also free for all Guardians.

In the Hall of Heroes social space Guardians can grab a full Set of Armor and Weapons at power level 1810 (including exotics).

Guardians can now earn seasonal Deepsight Weapons each day.

[ GameTikker ]

Sker Ritual Banner Image Sker Ritual - Review  [...]

[ Source: WayTooManyGames ]

Prince of Persia Image The Rogue Prince Of Persia Is Being Delayed Because Hades 2 Dropped  [...]

[ Source: Press Start ]

Gaming Gossip

Gaming Gossip Image

Microsoft surprisingly shuts down Tango Gameworks, developer of Hi-Fi Rush, The Evil Within and Ghostwire Tokyo.

Fans of Tango Gameworks and their Games are in shock. Arkane Austin was also closed after their disappointing last Release Redfall.

Microsoft and Xbox Studios are now facing serious criticism from Gamers and Developers around the world on Social Media.

[ GameTikker ]

Two Point Campus Image Two Point Campus Gets Surprise Update Adding New Beat ‘em Up MiniGame  [...]

[ Source: Hard Drive ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

Terra Randoma - Terra Randoma will go into full release on May 23, 2024 after 3.5 years in Early Access.

[ GameTikker ]

Little Kitty, Big City Image Explore the world of Little Kitty, Big City on Game Pass, Xbox, Switch and PC  [...]

[ Source: TheXboxHub ]

El Shaddai Banner Image El Shaddai arrives on Switch  [...]

[ Source: Entertainium ]

EA Logo Image EA is working on a new Live-Service video game, possibly cross-platform  [...]

[ Source: Gamer Stones ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

[ Source: PlayStation ]