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Millennia Game Review - A Little-known Strategy Gem!  [...]
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Gran Turismo World Series 2024


Watch the world’s fastest top 12 Gran Turismo drivers compete live for their nation and manufacturer.

Following the exciting Online Qualifiers in April and May, the best Gran Turismo racers in the world have been selected to take part in four live events between now and December.

[ Source: PlayStation Blog ]

Planet Coaster Image Planet Coaster’s slippery sequel lets you build your own water park  [...]

[ Source: The Verge ]

The First Descendant Banner Image The First Descendant - Changes planned after plagiarism allegations  [...]

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Anger Foot Banner Image Anger Foot Review - Ass-Kicking Muppets  [...]

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Yummy Games - Project Tower's demo is now available on Steam! Please make sure to Wishlist it if you enjoy it!

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Journey to the Savage Planet Image Journey to the Savage Planet sequel seemingly in development  [...]

[ Source: Eurogamer ]

Marko: Beyond Brave Banner Image Marko: Beyond Brave - Launching for PC this September  [...]

[ Source: Digitally Downloaded ]

Ace Combat Image ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN - Deluxe Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch  [...]

[ Source: Bandai Namco ]

Still Wakes the Deep Banner Image Still Wakes the Deep - Review  [...]

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PC Gaming Image Amazon Is Gifting Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Suicide Squad And More Games For Prime Day  [...]

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Lakeview Cabin Collection Banner Image Puppet Combo’s Lakeview Cabin Collection Heads For Consoles  [...]

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Forza Motorsport - Three iconic German cars from three legendary manufacturers go head-to-head on tracks that showcase their handling and speed. Check them out in this week's Spec Series!

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Last Epoch Image Last Epoch Patch 1.1 - Harbingers of Ruin Arrives in July  [...]

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Fallout 76 Image Fallout 76 - Inside the Vault - Milepost Zero Public Test Server  [...]

[ Source: Bethesda ]

Halo Image Halo Infinite - Anvil Operation Launch  [...]

[ Source: Halo Waypoint ]

Zenless Zone Zero Image Zenless Zone Zero is a Worthy Successor for the Gacha Throne - Review  [...]

[ Source: Gfinity Esports ]

Pithead Studio Logo Image Veteran Gothic & Risen Developers Found Pithead Studio  [...]

[ Source: DualShockers ]

Elden Ring Image Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - Review  [...]

[ Source: Game Whisper ]

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Focus Entertainment - Travelers! Chants of Sennaar's Switch physical edition is now available in North America! Get the edition to your local retailer now and dive into this fascinating journey inspired by the myth of Babel!

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Concord Banner Image Concord Reveals PC Requirements Ahead of Beta Tests  [...]

[ Source: Gameranx ]

Epic Games Logo Image Epic Games accuses Apple of stalling launch of App Store rival  [...]

[ Source: MobileSyrup ]

Gran Turismo Image Gran Turismo 7 - July Update Trailer  [...]

[ Source: Bsimracing ]

Xbox Logo Image Xbox App Now Allows Game Streaming via Amazon Fire TV  [...]

[ Source: GameRevolution ]

The Witcher Image The Witcher Universe Expands With Class-Based Multiplayer Spin-Off  [...]

[ Source: EarlyGame ]

The First Descendant Banner Image The First Descendant faces accusations of using almost exact same icons as Destiny 2  [...]

[ Source: TrueAchievements ]

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Xbox - No console? Don’t be scared. Xbox Gaming is rolling out today with Amazon Fire TV, where you’ll be able to play games directly from the Xbox app!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Image Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade: Wrath of the Mutants - Review  [...]

[ Source: Gaming Respawn ]

Republic of Pirates Banner Image Republic of Pirates - Review (PC)  [...]

[ Source: The Gamers Lounge ]

Gundam Breaker 4 Banner Image Gundam Breaker 4 Open Network Test Invites Console Players - Starting July 18th  [...]

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Official PlayStation Trailer

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Ys Image Ys X: Nordics Coming to Nintendo Switch on 1 November, 2024  [...]

[ Source: Impulse Gamer ]

Astro Bot Image PlayStation 5 users can now enjoy yet another free Astro's Playroom update  [...]

[ Source: GamingBible ]

Fallout Image Fallout: London's release date is finally happening, devs 'waiting for the final green light'  [...]

[ Source: TweakTown ]

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Stray Fawn Studio - Build your sky city and defeat enemy pirates while exploring a vast landscape in this Open World RPG City Builder, Airborne Empire! Demo out now on Steam!

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GTA 6 Image GTA 6 may feature missions where in-game characters pay you in cryptocurrency  [...]

[ Source: HT Tech ]

Piranha Bytes Logo Image Embracer's Piranha Bytes Reportedly Has Shut Down  [...]

[ Source: VGChartz ]

Sonic X Shadow Image Sonic X Shadow Generations To Have PlayStation-Exclusive Animations  [...]

[ Source: Gamescordia ]

Retro Gaming Image Retro-Style Games on PlayStation Plus  [...]

[ Source: Game Craves ]

Neverwinter Image Neverwinter’s Latest Module ‘Mountain of Flame’ Is On The Way  [...]

[ Source: But Why Tho? ]

Sword Art Online Image Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream Has a New Launch Trailer  [...]

[ Source: GameGrin ]

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Thunderrock Innovations - Are you a Tower Defense fan? Check out Keep Keepers - a game made by two friends where TD meets Crafting & Automation, and you can play with friends! Try the Demo and Wishlist on Steam now!

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Pokémon GO Aqua Image Pokémon GO - Aquatic Paradise Event  [...]

[ Source: The Game Haus ]

XDefiant Banner Image XDefiant dataminers reveal future season content, including Assassin's Creed  [...]

[ Source: MadInfinite ]

Genshin Impact Image Genshin Impact Version 4.8 coming this month  [...]

[ Source: God is a Geek ]

Times of Survival

Times of Survival Banner Image

A top-down action-rpg survival game where you face the threat of zombies alone or in co-op and expand the survival zone of humanity.

Explore a ruined city, gather supplies and craft powerful weapons. Support human settlements, reclaim territory and win the war against the zombie hordes.

Visit the official Steampage  [...]

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Final Fantasy XIV Image Journey To The Land Of Tural In Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail - Out Now  [...]

[ Source: MKAU Gaming ]

Capcom Logo Image Everything Announced at Capcom NEXT July 2024  [...]

[ Source: Infinite Start ]

Parkitect Banner Image Parkitect: Deluxe Edition - Review  [...]

[ Source: Games Asylum ]

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Forever Entertainment - FRONT MISSION 2: Remake is now available on Xbox! Join the battlefield and experience the cult classic tactical RPG with an engaging storyline, improved loading speed, and renewed graphics.

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Trails Through Daybreak Banner Image The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak - OpenCritic Score  [...]

[ Source: OpenCritic ]

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn Banner Image Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn Goes Gold - 20-Minute Gameplay Revealed  [...]

[ Source: Lv1 Gaming ]

V Rising Image V Rising - Review (PlayStation 5)  [...]

[ Source: Video Chums ]

VR Headsets Image The Best VR Headsets and Games to Explore the Metaverse  [...]

[ Source: Wired ]

Worlds of Aria Banner Image Critical Role meets Baldur’s Gate 3 in new RPG Worlds of Aria  [...]

[ Source: Game Sandwich ]

Warhammer 40K Image Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 Cancels Its Open Beta  [...]

[ Source: Fextralife ]

TL;DR Gaming News Today

GG Studio - Hidden Pass, a fusion of Tactical RPG combat and strategy in a world of magic, machinery and mayhem! Wishlist Hidden Pass now on Steam!

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Forza Horizon Image Changes in Forza Horizon 4’s Festival Playlist and Delisting from Digital Stores  [...]

[ Source: Forza ]

Final Fantasy XIV Image Everything you need to know about FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail  [...]

[ Source: Square Enix ]

Beyond Good & Evil Image Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition - Review  [...]

[ Source: TechRadar ]

Official PlayStation Trailer

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